New Jersey Stucco Repair

New Jersey stucco repair Marlboro NJ

Turn your old house to new with the stucco

Renovate your home with new stucco that will be perfect to meet your aesthetic and functional needs. Stucco is a very popular specialty home coating because it is attractive and durable, offers good texture, and is less expensive than other range of finishes in the industry.

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Stucco is not cement or concrete, however stucco can last for many years. If you have an old house with stucco, sooner or later you are going to need to repair this special mixture of cement and sand with hydrated lime.

General damage to stucco: water seeps under the stucco surface, causing soft spots, walls deteriorate, hairline cracks appear, and then stucco repair is in dire need.

Step 1: How to make stucco preparation

Over the years stucco changes color, so mix in small batches, add some pigment to the mix, then put it on a piece of cardboard and let it dry. You’ll need to test different amounts of pigment until you match the color, and you’ll want to do this before you begin the repair.

Step 2: Apply the first coat

Use a tool or hammer to remove any old stucco or junk. Then use a good measure of stucco so that the finish is ready to paint over the damaged area and repair any cracks.

Step 3: Add grooves

When first coat is applied, use the notched tool to score grooves in the mix. This helps them stick better.

Step 4: Prepare Brown Coat and Apply the Coat

After the initial coat dries for at least 24 hours, sponge the area with water to help it hold.

Then be sure to spread this coat of new stucco evenly and evenly mix to ensure the coat lays flat and level (no texture).

Step 5: Apply the final coat and Texturize

Make sure this final coat is a quarter inch and applied evenly level.

Then for the final repair step, use a sponge to create the exterior texture, paint the surface now. You may have to paint the entire side to hide the patch.

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