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We offer quality masonry, we expert craft of building structure with brick, stone, or similar material. We domain Masonry and combining basic building units like bricks, stone, concrete blocks, pre-cast hollow blocks, etc.

A masonry repair is usually meant to take care of small cracks, chips and holes in the wall. The kind of stucco that goes on the exterior walls of your home is made from sand, lime and cement. Once the material dries, it’s very hard to work with and can’t be carved or shaped easily once it’s been applied to a wall.

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We offer balcony stucco restoration services throughout the New Jersey area. If you need to change your exterior stucco balcony, count on us. Our maintenance can help extend the life of your outdoor balcony with a warm finish that will last many years in your home to protect it from the elements.

Masonry Restoration Features:

✔ Sustainable

Resistant to the elements, such as weather making it a strong and durable coating.

✔ Low maintenance

A good installation of the stucco coating and EIFS ensures long life and duration of the stucco.

✔ Customizable

wide variety of options and combinations of textures and colors.