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Whether your property is in need of vital repairs or you’re simply looking to refresh the look and feel of your every day surroundings, it’s important to hire someone who you can trust to get the job done right the first time. That’s where New Jersey Stucco Repair come in.

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It is our goal to be the #1 remodeling and stucco company in the state of New Jersey. That’s why we hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality craftsmanship and customer service. We believe friendly, transparent communication is paramount to any kind of working relationship.

Because we are just as invested in the outcome of your remodeling or stucco project as you are, we go above and beyond to make sure all of our clients are satisfied. If you’re not happy, we ‘re no happy. All of the work we do for you is protected by a warranty and we are fully lincensed and insured.




The New Jersey Stucco Repair team is committed to delivering outstanding work and top-notch customer service.
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Stucco FAQ

Stucco can be applied to a painted surface as long as things take some measurements. Make sure that the paint is fresh and in good condition and adheres to the surface perfectly. If the paint is flaking, it should be removed and cleaned before stucco is applied. The entire surface must be cleaned and sanded to optimize a perfect adhesion of the stucco. As a rabbit you can apply a bonding agent to the surface before stuccoing, to help it adhere better to the painted surface and have better results.

The time that the stucco services will take is according to the stucco system that you are going to use
For small repairs, like patching small holes or cracks, the job can be completed in a single day.

For larger projects, such as applying stucco to an entire house, the time frame will be longer. Traditional stucco installation systems can take 2 weeks to apply as it takes up to 3 coats. Weather conditions also play a role. New Jersey Stucco Repair experts in the industry will be able to provide you with a precise time for your renovation or stucco repair project.

Yes, stucco can be painted. In this way we can change the color and appearance of a house or building
The stucco surface should also be pressure washed or cleaned with a mild detergent to remove any dirt, grime or mildew. It is also important to make sure that the surface is clean, dry and free of blemishes. Be sure of this advice before painting.

The paint is special and specifically designed for stucco surfaces. Acrylic-based paints are a good option. Stucco painting will take time.

At New Jersey Stucco Repair we know how to get the job done as professionals, we have the experience and equipment necessary to get the job done efficiently and ensure a consistent and long-lasting result.